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Bisbee was voted Best Historic Small Town in America by USA Today Readers!

They write …..”While chasing Apaches in 1877, scout Jack Dunn discovered rich copper ore in the Mule Mountains of Arizona and Bisbee was born. This mining boomtown produced more than $6.1 billion worth of mineral wealth in less than 100 years of mining operations. Today, Bisbee’s appeal lies in its Victorian architecture, pretty scenery and laid-back vibe, and the Smithsonian-affiliated Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum does an excellent job of recounting the town’s colorful history……


More about Bisbee ..

In the late 1800’s Bisbee was regarded as the largest city between San Francisco and St Louis because of its largest producing Copper Mine. There are still many historic sites to satisfy those who have an interest in the early migration from east to west coast.

The surrounding Mule mountains provide numerous trails for morning hikes, bike rides and bird watching. You may also enjoy one-of-a -kind shops, fine dining, casual restaurants, galleries, museums, pubs and other tourist tours and attractions.

Bisbee has wide appeal to leisure travelers, motorcycle enthusiasts and business travelers alike.

Above & Beyond Rentals offers excellent accommodation in the renown historic district.  Here you’ll find unique happenings such as the Bisbee Blues Festival, the Bisbee 1000 Stair Climb Race, Copper City Classic Car Show, La Vuelta Bicycle Races, Wine and Chocolate Tasting Festivals as well as Bisbee’s holiday parties on the 4th of July, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

Tourist attractions include Ghost Tours, a Mining Museum, Library and Copper Queen Mine tours. There is literally something for everyone.

Bisbee is home to lots of talented artists and musicians. We also attract visiting artists and musicians. This means that there is always plenty of live entertainment and art shows.

A local resident says that there has been almost no new construction or development in Bisbee and they want it that way. The locals are fighting keep their town quiet, slow and small, with lots of wide open spaces.

They have no industry that created air pollution or noise, except for the new mining activities. It’s quiet and uncrowded in Bisbee, with no air traffic except the occasional helicopter.

There are few lights so that you can see the incredible array of stars at night. The Milky Way is visible just above South Bisbee, you can see millions of stars with no telescope.

The community lives close to the land and is very in touch with it – plants, animals and natural beauty.

Bisbee Residential Areas

There are several residential areas, each has its own name, like little settlements:

The Old Bisbee

There is a main area of streets and then several canyons off upper Tombstone Canyon Rd – which is where our property is located, which is the continuation of Main St:

The local canyons are: Spring Canyon, Star Canyon, Moon Canyon & Wood Canyon

Down Below in Old Bisbee

At the end of Brewery Gulch is Zacatecas Canyon – which is the continuation of the Gulch all the way up to the mountains.


Backerville is on the left as you come off the circle.

Saginaw is off the circle on 80 – about 1.4 mile on left.

Then as you as you travel away from Old Historic Bisbee, off the circle on 92, you will find a round about 1/4 mile on left, Briggs on the right, South Bisbee is next and Tintown is on the left

There is a shopping center with Safeway on the corner of Bisbee Rd & Naco Highway.

Then when you make a left, down the Naco Highway, you will reach Sunset Acres on the right and on the left and eventually you reach the Mexican border town of Naco.

There is Naco, Arizona as well as Naco, Sonoma, Mexico.

After Naco Highway on 92, on left you reach San Jose and on the right is San Jose Estates. 10 miles later you reach Deer Point and Rio Vista – these are the only newly settled rural area with 40 acre parcels.

Other areas to Explore:

Sierra Vista – shopping & all necessities

Tombstone – Wyatt Earp and his friends frequented this Old Western town.

Douglas – on the other side of Douglas you reach Agua Prieta, Mexico

The Sulphur Springs Valley:. If you take 80 – Douglas exit off the circle – go 6 miles, then left on Double Adobe Rd, it leads into ‘the Valley’ which is Elfrida, McNeal and many other towns.

Rodeo, New Mexico (on border of AZ), Paradise Portal is 1 1/2 hours off 80E.
All 3 are in the same small area. It is a lovely area and very different from Bisbee. with lots of trees.

Kartchner Caverns is located outside Sierra Vista

Whetstone mountains are scenic

Montezuma Passis in the Huachuca Mountains when you travel about 20 miles on 92. Further west you reach Patagonia, Tubac, which is an arts and crafts town, Arivaca.

Nogales US and Mexico, a large city

The Continental Divide is above the lookout area. You can hike the wide dirt road 2 1/2 hours up. There are gorgeous views all along especially North and East. You can see all the way to Mexico in places.

The Chiricahua National Monument is gorgeous, mountainous wilderness with many hiking trails about 1 1/2 hours north.


Tom Wood and his wife, founded and operate the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory (SABO), which is a non-profit scientific and educational organization based in Bisbee.

SABO’s mission is to promote conservation of birds of southeastern Arizona, their habitats, and the diversity of species that share those habitats through research, monitoring and public education.

If you crave one of Arizona’s most impressive winter wildlife spectacles, load up lots of camera memory, grab your trusty binoculars and shepherd the family to the Sulphur Springs Valley of southern Arizona to witness thousands upon thousands of wintering sandhill cranes.

In fact, in previous years the large wetlands and vast agricultural areas located about 85 miles southeast of Tucson attracted a record 36,000-plus wintering sandhill cranes.

And by all indications, the number of visiting sandhills is increasing each year. Sandhill cranes are some of the largest migratory birds found in North America and can have wingspans of up to 6½ feet and can stand up to 47 inches tall.

Wintering cranes can journey here from as far away as Siberia, although most migrate each winter to this southern Arizona valley from Canada and the Rocky Mountain region.

The December holidays provide a prime opportunity to visit southern Arizona to view these magnificent holdovers from the Pleistocene epoch. Seeing thousands of these long-legged birds taking to the air simultaneously is a thrilling spectacle that can leave you awestruck.

The two best places to view these cranes are the Willcox Playa Wildlife Area and the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area operated by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, especially at first and last light.

Each morning, the roosting cranes take to flight, which itself can be a spectacle, then soar aloft to visit area grain fields. During the late afternoon, the cranes come soaring back to roost in these large maintained wetlands in the state wildlife areas.

During the day, vast numbers of sandhills can be found feeding in the extensive grain fields of the Sulphur Springs Valley, especially in the Elfrida area.

The premier viewing location is probably the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area between Bisbee and Elfrida.

How to get there? From Interstate 10, take Highway 191 south. The main entrance on Coffman Road is accessible either from Central Highway via Bagby Road, or directly from Davis Road one mile west of Central Highway.

There are viewing platforms, bathrooms and a large parking area at this state wildlife area.


A practical word about the dangers of insects in Bisbee.

Many of them are dangerous. They have poisonous stings or bite.

When in the desert do be careful where you sit or lean against.

Look for ants on trees and on the ground. All are fire ants and they bite.

Bees are all Africanized now.


They are most prevalent in Bisbee. The common ones are dark brown with orange edges.

If you pick up a rock, look at the underside of it and also where it sat before you handled it.
They move fast.

FYI – If stung, put ice on it for pain. It takes several days to resolve. They hibernate in the winter.


Brown Recluse Spider
They’re pretty but have a very bad bite. It festers and is very difficult to heal.

They hide in corners and dark, hard-to-reach places.


Kissing Bug

Flat, black, with orange edges.  They have a nasty bite & are easy to catch.


Scorpion Spider

They look ‘like’ a scorpion – they also have a nasty bite & moves very fast


They are very dangerous. They have large, brightly colored legs that are orange and yellow.

Remember, not to cut them in half or you will have 2 after you!


Variety of spiders

they will all bite you but mostly just an irritant


Mosquitos there are almost none
Gnats are tiny and black. They leave itchy red welts that get worse every day.
They come out during the rainy season.
Use HOT Epsom salts poultice for reliefas often as needed.
Stink Bugs
They are harmless – shiny black – like beetle & they stand on their heads and emits odor.
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